Hey! We are the official Physics Society of The University of Manchester.

We are a student-led not-for-profit society that aims to unite students with a common interest in physics and guide them through their time in Manchester.

Our Home!

The University of Manchester is the single institution with the most students (more than 40,000) in the UK. Our society is part of the Students Union of the University of Manchester, home to 400+ amazing societies.

PhysSoc has been at the heart of the Department of Physics & Astronomy for a long time, the Schuster Building. From the discovery of the atomic nucleus by Rutherford in 1911 to pioneering the discovery of graphene, Novoselov and Geim, in 2010, there are 13 Nobel Prize winners linked to the Department. Recently, the Physics and Astronomy department has ranked in the top 15 positions of the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects in Physics (Shanghai Ranking) since it was created in 2017. We pride ourselves on being part of this community, with a rich history and promising future.

Our Activities

Our activities are accessible to any student of the University of Manchester and occasionally to the general public. These are designed and advertised for people with an interest in physics as a sole and sufficient requirement.

Accordingly, it is not necessary to have any prior physics knowledge nor to be part of the physics department to take part in the society’s events. Nonetheless, the academic character of our society remains our central interest and we keep it present by delivering interesting content for the section of our community that is proficient in the field.

Any link you could possibly need from us you will be able to find in our Link Tree!


Visit our Committee page to learn more about who is behind all of this!

If you want to get in contact with us please don’t hesitate. We are always open to ideas and questions. Alternatively to email, just private message us on any of our social media.